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Workshop with SustAIn.brussels – Shifting companies to think more digital & sustainable

What can SustAIn.brussels do for your company?

The objective is to tease/showcase what sustain.brussels can offer to small to medium companies so that the conversation and adventure can start on one-to-one.

The workshop will start with a 20′ min presentation followed by a participative discussion to deepdive in one of our services (test before invest, financial support, skills & training, partnership) or to test one or two alternative ideas.

After this session, participants will get to know the SustAIn.brussels team and what they can concretely get as free support so that we can continue the discussion.

Who is SustAIn.Brussels ? As new European Digital Innovation Hub in Brussels, we serve as a single point of access to sustainable and digital innovation for companies with a focus on AI and other emerging technologies. Coordination is done by Sirris, Agoria, BeCentral, VUB and ULB. with the support of the European Commission, Innoviris and hub.brussels.


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23novembre 2023
De 11h à 12h
Ateliers des Tanneurs - Rue des Tanneurs 60A, 1000 Bruxelles